Meet Our Caregivers

Meet Our Comfort Keeper Caregivers

The special individuals who deliver our unique brand of in-home care (we call them Comfort KeepersĀ®) are carefully selected, screened, and trained to provide professional, expert, and compassionate care services.

We are highly committed to our hiring and training process to ensure the absolute best care for our clients and great customer service for their families. We conduct a thorough screening and interviewing process to identify the best in-home caregivers. Only those who pass each step of this process go on to our complete and intensive training program to deliver our special brand of in-home care. While our caregivers are highly qualified, what truly sets them apart is their genuine passion for caregiving.

Additionally, all Comfort Keepers pass extensive background checks and complete continuing education. Our in-home caregivers are bonded, insured, and covered by workers' compensation insurance to protect our clients and their families.

At Comfort Keepers Grayslake, we have almost 70 caregivers, all of whom are incredibly kind, compassionate, and caring. Meet some of them and learn more by reading their bios below, or contact us for more information.


Emerson Nettles

Emerson became a caregiver because she loves people. She loves to laugh, talk, and interact with her clients. Emerson is an avid reader and loves to bike and travel. The best part of her job is meeting new people who can use her help.

Carol Jeziorski

Carol decided to go back to work after caring for her mom for 17 years. As a Comfort Keeper, Carol likes to take her clients to antique stores or just work on jigsaw puzzles. Carol is an avid bowler and love to play cards and Words with Friends on her computer. Carol has been with Comfort Keepers for over 10 years and really enjoys meeting a lot of different people.

Lennette Anderson

Lennette Anderson became a caregiver because she has a disabled brother and she knows how difficult it can be on the family. Lennette loves spending time with her grandchild when she is not working for Comfort Keepers. Lennette enjoys getting her clients to smile and laugh. Lennette especially loves seeing them improve and become happier. Lennette started with Comfort Keepers in 2012.

Margaret Francq

Margaret is always positive and upbeat. She enjoys making her clients happy whether they are doing puzzles or just talking. Margaret speaks two languages and loves fishing, reading, running, ice skating, and helping the elderly.

Tomieka Faulkner

Tomieka is guaranteed to make you laugh. She has a great sense of humor and is very respectful to her clients and their needs. Tomieka took care of her grandmother when she was just 13 years old and has turned that experience into a career. She enjoys cooking and shopping with her clients and keeping them smiling all the time.

Felicia Eberle

Felicia has raised four children (one with disabilities), and so caregiving comes naturally to her and is part of her personality. Felicia loves learning about her client’s lives and looking at their old photos with them. The best part of being a Comfort Keeper is getting to meet and really know new people and being able to help them.

Nicole Bessette

Nicole loves working with the elderly and really wants to make a difference for them. Nicole said she really enjoys helping them to organize and to be able to get their tasks done every day. Nicole enjoys swimming and walks outside of her work with Comfort Keepers and she always has a smile on her face.

Virginia Swanson

Virginia took care of her 94-year-old aunt for 3 and a half years before becoming a caregiver. She loves being able to talk about her clients’ lives and the experiences they have had. Virginia goes to the health club to stay in shape when she is not working. Virginia has been with Comfort Keepers for over two years.

Deborah Mason

Deborah Mason joined Comfort Keepers in 2013 and is incredibly devoted to her clients. Deborah loves to help her clients and to be a true advocate for their needs. She loves providing that care so they are truly happy at the end of each and every visit. Deborah has a ton of experience caregiving and loves playing with her grandchildren when she is not working at Comfort Keepers.

Kinara Hamilton

Kinara says caregiving is like having grandparents all over again. She enjoys shopping and socializing with her clients. Kinara makes sure her client is happy at the end of the day. Kinara feels like she can keep her clients feeling young with all of her energy and spunk.

Ann Marie Walsh

Ann Marie enjoys improving her client’s quality of life. Ann Marie feels the work she does truly makes a difference in someone’s life. Ann Marie enjoys meditation, yoga, and Reiki when she is not being a Comfort Keeper.

Claudia Olesak

Claudia is a very special Comfort Keeper. She obtained her fondness for the elderly as a young child when her grandparents took care of her. Claudia often goes the extra mile to ensure her client has the best care. Claudia enjoys playing cards, board games and going on outings with her clients. Claudia likes to play golf during her off time.

Sandie Turner

Sandie enjoys helping her clients get through each day. She truly enjoys her caregiving and loves to shop and garden with her client. Sandie has been with Comfort Keepers since 2013 and enjoys bowling when she is not providing great care.

Andrea Stroud

Andrea loves helping her clients with their range-of-motion exercises. She feels the more movement they get the better. Andrea does an excellent job with the housekeeping for her clients and enjoys hearing about the clients’ lives while she works. Andrea loves spending time with her children when she is not caregiving.

Rena Larsen

Rena has been with Comfort Keepers since 2011. Rena has a wonderful personality and really knows how to make her client’s feel great. Rena was once nominated for National Comfort Keeper of the Year and was also awarded for her care of others in McHenry County, IL. Rena enjoys sports and being outdoors and is an avid reader.

Emily Andrews

Emily describes herself as industrious and she enjoys going above and beyond for her clients. Emily loves being able to get her clients out and doing things they normally wouldn’t be able to do on their own. Emily also enjoys getting her clients to play board games or cards as she says this is such a rewarding occupation.

Regina Rogers

Regina has a real passion for her clients. She loves going on walks with her clients, talking with them and just hearing their stories. The best part of her day is when she gets her clients to smile. Regina enjoys spending time with her kids when she is not working with her clients at Comfort Keepers.

Lisa Witte

Lisa is a truly wonderful person who feels it is her calling to be a Comfort Keepers caregiver. Lisa describes herself as honest, trustworthy and very caring. Lisa loves to help people in need and their pets. She especially enjoys reminiscing with her clients while attending to their needs. Lisa feels this work makes her feel complete.

Cathy Sutton

Cathy has been with Comfort Keepers since 2012. Cathy was taking care of family and neighbors who needed help and was being told how good she was at it. Luckily we found her at Comfort Keepers. Cathy enjoys time with her family, time with her cat, gardening and bike riding when she is not working.

Alexandrea Wolf

Ali describes herself as easygoing and fun to be around. She enjoys knitting and scrapbooking with her clients. Ali says the best part of her job is getting that smile from her clients and knowing her clients appreciate what she does for them.

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