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Health Care Providers Discuss Study That Shows Brain Proteins Slow Mental Decline

Mar 31, 2016 by Dave Eggering

Grayslake Health Care Provides Discuss Mental Study: Health care providers in Grayslake discuss a study that shows brain proteins slow down mental decline Read Article

Intergenerational Living Is One Form Of Companion Care That Can Help Reduce Isolation

Mar 17, 2016 by Dave Eggering

The Grayslake Companion Care You Need: Our companion care services can allow seniors to remain independent and reduce isolation in their Grayslake home Read Article

Spring Cleaning With The Help Of A Home Care Aide

Mar 10, 2016 by Dave Eggering

Spring Cleaning Assistance From A Grayslake Home Care Aide: A home care aide can assist seniors in the Grayslake area with their spring cleaning chores Read Article

Geriatric Care Experts Discuss Why Dental Care Is Important For Seniors

Mar 3, 2016 by Dave Eggering

Grayslake Geriatric Care Discuss The Importance Of Dental Care: Our geriatric care experts provide advice & tips to Grayslake seniors for proper dental care Read Article

February Is American Heart Month. Learn How To Care For Seniors To Proactively Avoid Heart Problems

Feb 11, 2016 by Dave Eggering

Care For Seniors In Grayslake IL: February is American Hear Month and our care for seniors experts in Grayslake provide advice for healthy lifestyle choices Read Article

Home Care Assistance Experts Discuss Why Seniors Are Living Close To The Poverty Level

Jan 21, 2016 by Dave Eggering

Home Care Assistance In Grayslake, IL: Our Grayslake home care assistance experts offer suggestions and solutions for seniors living close to poverty level Read Article

Providers Of Home care for seniors stress Safety first

Jan 7, 2016 by Dave Eggering

Home Care For Senior In Grayslake, IL: Our providers of home care for seniors in Grayslake, IL stress safety first in a senior’s home and lifestyle Read Article

Flu Season Is Dangerous To Seniors: Help Prepare Your Parent With Quality Home Care

Nov 19, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Comfort Keepers Grayslake’s Quality Home Care: Our quality home care in Grayslake, IL can help your loved one prepare and stay healthy during the flu season Read Article

Self-Care Is Important for Adult Children Who Are Their Parent’s Caregivers

Aug 21, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Comfort Keepers Grayslake Caregivers: Self-care and additional help is important for adult children in Grayslake who are their parent’s caregivers Read Article

Adult Home Care Encourages Independence

Aug 14, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Comfort Keepers Grayslake provides Adult Home Care: Sometimes you can’t provide care that your parent needs, Grayslake adult home care providers can help Read Article

End of Life Care With Dignity

Aug 7, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Comfort Keepers Grayslake Provides End of Life Care: Know what your loved ones want for end of life care and Comfort Keepers Grayslake can help Read Article

Home Care Services Can Assist When Family Caregiving Options Are Limited

Jul 30, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Grayslake Home Care Services Help When Options Are Limited: It’s important to make sure you get the right home care services that fit your needs Read Article

Caregiver Tips: Exercise is Another Form of Socializing

Jul 24, 2015 by Dave Eggering

A Grayslake Wisconsin Caregiver Can Provide Exercise Tips: Making sure a caregiver doesn’t limit the senior during care is very important to their health Read Article

Home Care and Cognitive Awareness - Let In Home Care Assist You

Jul 16, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Home Care Can Assist You: Home care can assist with an assessment for a senior’s cognitive awareness and assess if there is a medical condition Read Article

What Will Home Caregivers Provide for Me?

Jun 25, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Home caregivers can be invaluable to seniors as they age and require more assistance with tasks like personal grooming, light housekeeping and transportation. Read Article

Home Care Tips: Age Has Nothing to do With it! Keeping the Romance Alive

Jun 18, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Home care professionals can provide the services necessary to allow seniors to relax and find romance at any age. Read Article

Adults with Cognitive Memory Issues Receive Support From a Caregiver

Jun 11, 2015 by Dave Eggering

A caregiver can provide much needed assistance to adults with cognitive memory issues. Read Article

Home Care Experts: Keep on Dancing

May 22, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Home care providers recommend activities like dancing to increase activity and encourage socialization. Read Article

Home Care Providers Offer Tips for Senior Stress Reduction

May 16, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Home care providers recommend that seniors take steps to reduce stress in order to stay active and healthy. Read Article

Living Assistance Options: What’s Right for Your Family

May 8, 2015 by Dave Eggering

Learning about living assistance options can help your family decide the best environment for your health and happiness as you age. Read Article

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